Over the years I have tried many different materials and techniques. Pastels have become my medium of choice because of the intensity of the colors, and because it is a more tactile experience, which I thoroughly enjoy.  

I work on tinted papers as this adds a warmth and richness to the finished picture, and a cohesiveness to the piece.  I enjoy working on textured substrates as the roughness makes the colors more vibrant.  I like to make all of the elements in a picture more or less of equal importance.

My focus is on varied color intensity (over color accuracy), strokes, and shapes.  I try to bring those elements in a scene to their simplest components both in color and arrangement.  In that way I hope to capture "the something" in a place that is memorable, so one can continue enjoying it, and yet see it in a new way.

I hope my art brings pleasure to a person's home or office-to their habitat and to their day.